Repair of Different Electronic, Electrical And Mechanical Components

November 11, 2017


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Usually, the mechanical, electrical or electronic devices can get damaged anytime. They should be repaired in an utmost professional manner so that they do not get damaged again. Some components of the device should be replaced and they should be replaced with components that are manufactured from reputed companies. The repair technicians are certified by the government and hence can resolve any type of problems. They use modern tools and technologies to improve the efficiency of the products. The repair technicians first diagnose the problems using right tools and then fix the problems to the earliest.

VFD, AC, DC, and servo drive repair

The AC or DC drives that are used for generating current should be repaired at the earliest for efficient operations. The industries should not be interrupted by lack of power supply. The repair technicians are also engaged in servo drive repair. They perform testing, repair and refurbishment of these products.

Manufacturing single and double side PCB and reconditioning of PCB

The reputed technicians repair the single side PCB in a best manner. PCB is meant for providing mechanical component base. To produce tracks, it used printing to allow repeatability of the volume. Another advantage of PCB is that it helps in easily assembling when several electronic devices are manufactured. It acts as a workhorse in electronic industries and it should be repaired at the earliest.

Some PCBs are manufactured according to the specification of the customers.

CNC and industrial circuit board repair

They are engaged in repairing I/O cards and control cards of different manufacturers. They are engaged in reconditioning and modifying the services of obsolete manufacturers.

Communication, meteorological and navigation instruments repair

The company offers different type of innovative and meteorological instruments. Their aim is to improve the efficiency of navigation and meteorological instruments. The safety factors of these instruments should be improved. Sometimes, the sonar and radar equipments should be repaired by engineers who are specialized in communication field. Different electronic components of these instruments are repaired using modern tools and technologies. These equipments should be repaired properly; otherwise, a person is exposed to various types of perils and dangers in the sea.

IT, CCTV and Network solutions

These electronic components are repaired at some point of time; even they are damaged or cracked. These equipments should be repaired as quickly as possible because they can get further damaged easily.

PLC and PC repair

The repair technicians are also engaged in PLC repair of various components that are widely required in industries.