Introduction To Electroless Nickel Plating

November 11, 2017


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Have you ever heard about electroless nickel plating? This kind of plating process uses a solution that can improve the strength and hardness of metallic surfaces. Aside from these, they can also be able to provide resistance against corrosion upon the materials. Nickel plating is commonly used along with one of three various materials and chemicals. Get to know each of them a bit better by reading along.

The chemicals

Plating with this process using boron makes use of the chemicals’ very high melting point and can resist wear and tear. Boron is a chemical component that can work but not as strong enough when it comes to corrosion. Individuals will have to take a look at other forms of chemicals.

The second type is known as phosphorus. This chemical is very versatile and is among the most common ones in nickel solutions. Furthermore, when a person varies the content of phosphorus, the content will have changes in the attributes when the process begins. Higher levels of phosphorus will have to be used according to specific needs. It has been shown that higher levels of this component can make the materials non-magnetic but strongly resistant against corrosion. They can handle the appearance of acids and other causes. On the other hand, lower levels of this component can offer hardness but they are less resistant to corrosion. Regardless of their effects, these various instances have given phosphorus the much needed flexibility when using this kind of plating process.

The third of these kinds is called Teflon. This component has been associated with pans because of their non-stick properties. When Teflon is applied with micro beads within the plating process, these beads are known to make the material strongly resistant against friction. They also will have a great resistance against wearing and tearing, but may require more properties if you want to have them against corrosion. However, the anti-corrosion properties shall be found as well.

The use of this kind of plating

Electroless nickel plating is used to fight against corrosion among with many other purposes. This procedure is preferred over other metallic finishes such as using zinc or powder coating. The reason for this is that the process acts as a very strong barrier against elements. Furthermore, it also has the feature known as deposit uniformity. This process makes no use of any electrical current, but chemical particles are clinging over the surface evenly without gravitating toward magnetic poles.

Several industries and fields have seen the benefits of this plating process, such as the car industry, the aerospace industry, the electronics industry and more. Many companies that offer this process is also providing others such as plasma and spray finishes for metals. It is up to the needs of the clients about which procedure to utilize.