How to Choose a Plasma Cutter For Your Shop?

November 11, 2017


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With plenty of cost effective and portable plasma cutters available in the markets, it is time to identify the right one which is apt for your business. By easing the use of metals, providing higher quality cuts and faster travel speeds, a plasma cutter helps us in a number of ways. It helps through multiple techniques including abrasive water jet, laser, saw abrasive wheel and oxy cutting. This piece of writing will show you the best ways to choose the correct plasma cutter.

Plasma Cutting Technology

Plasma cutter uses a high-velocity jet of ionized vapor that is delivered from a constricting outlet. The plasma conducts electricity to the work piece through the torch. It heats the work piece by melting the material and creating a cut in it.

Choose the Right Plasma Cutter

• Identify the Thickness of the Metal Most Frequently Cut. Most of the plasma cutters are rated depending upon their ability to cut. A lower amperage plasma cutter is to be chosen than the thickness of the material that you usually cut.

• Establish The Optimal Cutting Speed. There is a different cutting speed for metals depending upon the work it is used for. A production plant and a job shop will have different speeds for the cutter.

• Check How The Plasma Cutter Starts. Air being a pretty good insulator, plasma cutter requires that air ionizes for the establishment of the current flow.

• Watch Out For Hidden Costs. Some of the consumable items in plasma cutters need replacements such as the hand held torch, retaining cap, shield, nozzle, and electrode and swirl ring. Look for the manufacturer’s specifications and guarantee policies.

• Test It Before Buying. Make sure that you try it out on a number of machines before purchasing it. This way you can examine the cuts and angles of the arc.

• Understand Its Pilot To Cut And Cut To Pilot Transfers. Look for a machine that provides an agile and positive transfer from pilot to cutting at a large transfer height.

• Check Out Its Portability Factor. A lightweight, portable and handy plasma cutter is important as some work might need it to be carried out of the work station from site to site.

• Understand That The Durability Is Important. Make sure the plasma cutter is durable by checking its filers are up to the mark. Sometimes oil causes arcing and reduces the cutting performance.

• Make Sure That Your Workforce Understands the Control of the Plasma Cutter. For your work to be productive, ensure that your workforce is compatible with the cutter. Look for an easy to read control panel and user-friendly plasma cutter.

• Ensure Safety Measures. The safety precautions and policies are to be in bold letters. Since a plasma cutter needs a considerate amount of voltage to establish the arc, safety measures are a must.

If you are looking to buy plasma cutter for your shop or for your household work, make sure that you cross check these points before purchasing the one.